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SUP Hotstick Tarifa

The latest trend sport, stand up paddle or just SUP, has finally become popular in Tarifa and all over Europe. After being already the in-sport on Hawaii for a couple of years, you can see more and more SUPer having fun on tarifa´s beaches.

Stand up paddling is ideal for nearly everybody, wether you just paddle some meters out of fun, go SUP racing, use the stand up paddle board for an excursion with friends or go and surf some waves; so it is also practised on nearly any kind of water, oceans, lakes and rivers. And it is a very complete sport, training almost every muscle in the body.

It is very easy to learn, on a bigger, stable board almost everybody can stand up paddle within some minutes and have fun. The more advanced race or wave boards require a little bit more skill.

In our Stand Up Paddle School Tarifa we offer Sup Courses as well as excursions and equipment rental. All the equipment is from the current season, boards from Starboard, Fanatic and others. Our instructors are experienced and can teach you in 6 languages.

Prices for group SUP lessons are, including all the necessary equipment:

1 day/ 2 hours:   50 Euros per person
2 days/ 4 hours:  95 Euros per person
3 days/ 6 hours: 135 Euros per person

2hours of private lesson cost 80 Euros.

We also offer some great excursions with the stand up paddle board to the most beautiful places of the area, as the island of Tarifa and the natural pools.

Prices of the excursions are, including all the necessary equipment:

2 hour excursion: 40 Euros per person
3 hour excursion: 50 Euros per person

For the ones, that already know how to use a Stand up paddle board, we offer rental as well.

Prices include board, paddle, leash and wetsuit:

2 hours: 20 Euros per set equipment
All day: 30 Euros per set equipment

Tarifa Kite School call +34 647 155 516, 11380 Tarifa, Spain