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Our kite group lessons are a very good way to learn kitesurfing. We limit the groups to maximum 4 students per instructor, which is still easy to control for a good kite instructor. If it is 4 students( it is often less people in a group, especially in low season), we will use in between 2 and 4 kites for the 4, depending on the conditions, exercices and level of the students. You will meet nice people in our kite courses and can also learn from their progress and mistakes.

Also people, who have tried kitesurfing already, can start a kite course with their level, so they don´t have to again start from the beginning. We will put the student in a group of his level, and with a repetition of the most important safety issues make sure, he knows everything important.

We do either 3 or 4 hours kite course per day, depending on what you prefer. If you are only staying in Tarifa for some days, you might want to do the 4 hour version; if you stay longer, 3 hours per day and maybe one more day of kite lesson is another good option.

1 day kite course Tarifa, 3 hours/ 4 hours: 70€ per person/80€ per person.
2 day kite course Tarifa, 6h/ 8h: 135€ p.p./ 160€ p.p..
3 day kite course Tarifa, 9h/ 12h: 195€ p.p./ 235€ p.p..
4 day kite course Tarifa, 12h/ 16h: 250€ p.p./ 305€ p.p..
5 day kite course Tarifa, 15h/ 20h: 300€ p.p./ 370€ p.p..
After 5 days of kite course, every day of 3h/ 4h costs 60€/ 70€ p.p.

All prices include the full equipment, a double insurance and an IKO certification of your level. We teach in english, spanish, german, french, dutch and italian. Kite courses in Tarifa start everyday.

In our kite school you get the discounted prices for more days of kite course as well, if you only start with 1 day and afterwards decide to go on; that means, that you don´t have to decide beforehand, how many days you want to do, in order to get the cheaper price for more days.

The 1. day kitesurf course is the best to see if you like that sport and want to go on with kitesurfing. The instructor will show you the basics of kite flying theory and safety, combined with a extensive flying session, first with a 2-line trainer kite and afterwards with a step bigger 4-line delta kite.s
The aim of day 1 is for you to be able to land and launch the kite safely, and move the kite through the power zone in order to get enough pull out of the kite. This introductory course is perfect if you are looking to try kitesurfing for the first time and are not sure yet, if you want to go on with kitesurfing.

The 2. day we go in the water with the kite, first doing the various kind of bodydragging( 2-handed downwind/ sideways, 1-handed upwinds and seated downwinds), relaunching the kite from the water and then also trying the board.
The aim of day 2 is to get a good body control in the water on top of the kite control. The students should be able to relaunch the kite from the water and do the various bodydrag exercices. In 2 days/ 8h we almost always try the board as well, in 2 days/ 6h sometimes.

The 3. day we start or continue with the board, and our students usually learn really how to ride downwinds, and sometimes even upwinds, even though that normally takes a bit more practice.


Tarifa Kite School call +34 647 155 516, 11380 Tarifa, Spain